5 Family Benefits To Preplanning Your Funeral

Pre-Planning Benefits

There are many benefits to preplanning your funeral, but we specifically want to share some thoughts on how your family members will appreciate your forethought the most.

While no one wants to think about their own death, less make plans for what happens after they die, preplanning your funeral is actually a kindness and one last favor you can do for your family. It’s actually a very responsible act you can carry out while you’re living that will help those left behind, and further your legacy in their hearts.

5 Family Benefits To Preplanning Your Funeral

From kindness to stress relief to money savings, there are several reasons you should preplan your funeral.

Keep Your Family From Going Through What You’ve Gone Through

It’s highly likely you will have dealt with the loss of loved ones and family members before your children have, and if those people didn’t preplan their funerals, then you know how difficult it can be. It’s a very stressful time, after a loved one dies, and we can help mitigate that stress before it arrives. You can pay for it ahead of time, plan out where and how you’d like to be buried, and let everyone know your wishes.

Take Tough Decisions Out of Your Family’s Hands at a Difficult Time

They’ll most likely be distraught and grief-stricken, and you wouldn’t want them to also be forced to make financial decisions or plan an event under such duress. Why make your family decide if you should be buried or cremated? What about which cemetery you should be buried in – and in which state, where you lived or where you grew up? Make the tough decisions for them, since they won’t be tough for you.

Save Your Family Money

By paying for your funeral ahead of time, you’ll be locking in today’s prices, rather than years from now when you actually die. From caskets to urns to tombstones, you can pay for things ahead of time that will be cheaper now than later on.

Be Celebrated the Way You Want To Be Celebrated

Make personal decisions on the types of music you’d like to be played, who you’d like to speak at your funeral and even what thoughtful and interesting events might happen at your funeral, like the release of doves or balloons. This is a great chance to share your love with your family one last time, and it should be built around your wishes, rather than what your family guesses you’d like.

Get the Quality and Value You Want, Rather Than Be Rushed

Since you’ll have much more time to plan your own funeral, you can actually shop around for the best prices and the best values on the things you’ll have to buy, like a casket or urn. You can even visit the funeral homes and see which ones you think would work as the best spot for a celebration of your life.

The Gardens at Boca Raton Cemetery and Funeral Services offers preplanning services, and they know firsthand just how much it helps your family and friends left behind. The benefits of preplanning your funeral are plentiful, but in the end, it’s really just a loving gift and a message to your family that you cared enough about them to unburden them in such a time of grief.

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