The Gardens of Boca Raton

Cemetery & Funeral Services

Celebrating the Diversity of Humankind

All of our life experiences have confirmed our beliefs that all people are created equal. Beyond these gates there is no bigotry, hatred or contempt, there is simply love and respect for the diversity of humankind. That has been our inspiration for creating The Gardens, a celebration of life memorial park for all. What makes us different is the fact that we celebrate the lives of all those who have lived and all those who live today. Our facilities include meditation rooms, libraries, catering and other options that are not yet available in most traditional cemeteries. We have above ground interment options which include our first two Sanctuaries as well as our private estate labyrinth.

Here, we recognize the meaningfulness of each person’s life – to one’s self and to others. We are the keepers of the biographies of life with the virtual memorials available here on our Web site. We are committed to helping everyone realize the living legacy they desire.

Pre-planning and Emergency Services

As we live life and accomplish our dreams, we must recognize that the life cycle includes a beginning and an end. We have found that pre-planning and the selection of your own cemetery property will assist you and your family and all those you love at a time when they will certainly seek the assistance and understanding we offer.

The Gardens is also intended to create a cultural experience that connects individuals, both living and departed, with the community. It is our pleasure to be a part of this revolutionary celebration of life concept.

We invite you to meet us at The Gardens.

We promise you the highest professionalism, integrity, compassion and sensitivity to all phases of need in fulfilling our responsibilities to you and your loved ones. Every person at The Gardens is dedicated to your comfort and complete satisfaction throughout your entire experience with our lasting memorials. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know.

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