Customizing a Casket and Funeral For You or Your Loved One

Customizing Caskets

One of the more interesting trends in funerals in the 2000’s is the ability to customize a casket and funeral for a specific person. But first, one has to consider pre-planning their own funeral in order to customize a casket and funeral for their own wishes. Although, many people also choose to do customization for the funeral of a recently deceased loved one.

So we’ve come up with several different things to consider when personalizing a casket or funeral. When you personalize something as intimate as a funeral, you want to make the right choices that are respectful of who the person was, and still give a sense of what exactly they were all about.

Customized Casket Options

At The Gardens of Boca Raton, we have several different customization choices for caskets, including different colored linings inside the casket, custom handles, and even engravings. Also, you can get caskets that have areas on them for picture displays of themselves and their loved ones.

If you want to get specific customization for the casket itself, there are several companies we can order from that will do custom sizing or even caskets built into specific shapes. Here are a few examples of different shapes people have chosen for customized caskets:

  • A surfboard
  • Shape of a dolphin
  • Piano
  • Antique car
  • Race car

There are some other types of customization you can do to a casket that might cost less, like getting a casket in the colors of that person’s favorite sports team, which you can then have that team’s symbols emblazoned on it, too. This is a common request for people that have largely been identified as old-time fans of teams, like season-ticket holders for decades of teams like the Green Bay Packers, Boston Red Sox, L.A. Lakers and Detroit Red Wings. Those are just a few examples, of course, but getting the colors of favorite teams is a common request.

Customized Funerals

Think about the unique qualities of the person you are planning a personalized memorial service for, and try to highlight those aspects of their life and personality. Your goals for a customized funeral are to respectfully memorialize a person the way they would like, while also making it a memorable one for his friends and family members, helping them create one last pleasant memory about their lost loved one.

Some specific ways you can memorialize a person in unique ways include:

  • Display a slideshow of pictures, with a personalized playlist playing over the speakers.
  • A video of some of the best clips that memorialize the person’s individuality, mixed in with images and music that also help explain their life.
  • Read poetry or passages that they might have written.
  • Create a personalized program that shares some of the above, things they’ve written or said, memories some have already shared, and especially some great photographs.

Finally, you could choose to do some interesting customization’s, like releasing doves or balloons during the funeral, or have live musicians or even just an individual playing the bagpipes.

Customizing a casket and funeral for yourself or your loved ones is a great final sendoff, and one that should be considered by everyone. Ask the people at The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery and Funeral Services to help you with your customization’s.

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