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Interment Options

Our cemetery includes private mausoleums, crypts, niches, salons, estates, and other options. With the exception of private outdoor mausoleums, all of our facilities are indoor and air-conditioned. We offer special Family Legacy rooms as well as semi-private salons. Private meditation rooms and a library are also available to you.

Our Family Service Counselors are trained to the sensitivity of life care issues. Please contact us to make an appointment with a Family Service Counselor to explore our many options and customize a plan that fulfills your personal wishes.


Pre-planning will give you the opportunity to make decisions in keeping with your own desires and relieve your family from having to make quick decisions during an emotionally stressful time. Most cultures recognize the importance of taking care of end of life issues.


Jewish – The Gardens Sanctuary North.
Non-denominational – The Gardens Sanctuary South.
Private – We offer private family mausoleums exclusively for you and your loved ones. Private mausoleums are custom built to suit your personal wishes and typically can accommodate from 1 to 24 persons.

Crypts & Niches

The Gardens houses the most beautiful selection of niches in America. They are designed in marble, granite fronts and glass enclosed for display of memorabilia. Many crypt selections are available to choose from, including side by side, true companion and couch crypts. We can accommodate full body caskets or cremation and we allow sharing of crypts or niches with loved ones.

Memorial Benches

Family Estate Benches are available along the Walk of Introspection throughout our tranquil botanical gardens. They are constructed of polished granite and will accommodate cremation urns.

Garden Mausoleum

Outdoor Crypts Now Available – New!

We Are Here For You

If you are in need of talking to our Funeral Director or Staff immediately, please call us.

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