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How Do I Make Those Far Away Feel Included in the Funeral?

Including Family

There are times when family and friends are unable to make it to their lost loved one’s funeral, whether it be because of money, timing or logistics. But, just because they can’t attend in person, doesn’t mean they want to be left out of the service. So how can you help those from far away still feel included?

Luckily, there are several things people can do to remain involved in the funeral service despite living far away.

3 Ways to Help Those Living Far Away Feel Included in the Funeral

Far-away friends and relatives might not be able to attend in person, but you can still help them feel included.

1. Ask Your Funeral Director If They Have Live Streaming Capability

A place like The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery & Funeral Services in South Florida will soon be offering live streaming for the families that have funerals in new chapel. Being able to watch the funeral in real time helps those that live far away feel the same sentiment and emotion as those that could be in attendance. This will give everyone, including those that are in attendance, a sense of unity, and it will make those unable to attend feel much better about their inability to get to the funeral in person.

Talk with your funeral home director to see what you need to live stream the funeral. If they aren’t set up for it, and you want to do it yourself, you’ll need a webcam, a powerful computer and a website like Ustream.tv  or Facebook to stream the funeral service to.

2. Ask Long-Distance Family/Friends for Photographs

Since this particular set of family members and friends are far away, it’s very possible they have some photographs of the deceased that you’ve never seen. Ask them to email them to you so you can display them on a table during or after the service. Including those who aren’t there in images allows those in attendance to remember all those who loved the deceased.

3. Ask Long-Distance Family/Friends for Stories To Share

Another great way to keep long-distance friends connected to the funeral service is to ask them for some brief, poignant stories about their lost loved one. You can either have them typed up and displayed on a table at the memorial service, or you can read them out loud during the funeral.

Talk with your local funeral director to see what else can be done to help those long-distance family members stay connected. The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery & Funeral Services helps plan funerals for families every day in the South Florida area. Whether you’re looking for assistance with the funeral of a loved one, or you’re ready to preplan your own funeral, call them at (561) 989-9190 or visit them in Boca Raton.