Social Media Posts and Funerals

The world has become a much smaller place in the past decade as the Internet and social media have connected people from every corner of the earth. But the very technology that allows us to stay connected with family and friends is the thing that also seems to be detrimentally affecting our human connections. Anyone that has dealt with social media after death understands how it can be a very sensitive subject, including those offended by people that choose to post on social media during a funeral.

For many people, posting on social media during a funeral is considered distasteful and a violation of the deceased’s privacy. But for many others, this means of communication is much more natural than reading an obituary in a newspaper, for instance.

Posting on social media during a funeral is a dilemma that funeral homes and funeral directors are often asked about.

5 Things to Consider for Social Media After Death

Before you post on social media during a funeral or before you criticize someone for doing so, consider these five things.

1. Have You Waited Enough Time?

The worst mistake you could make would be to mention the death of someone online before the whole family has been contacted. Imagine how distasteful it would be if you found out about a family member’s death by someone posting it on Facebook. Always consider the ones closest to the deceased before making any form of public announcement.

2. What Does the Family Prefer?

It’s quite possible the family has requested everyone to refrain from posting on social media at the funeral. A funeral is about saying goodbye to a friend and helping a grieving family, which includes following their direction.

3. Consider the Family When Posting on a Lost Loved One’s Page

Some people might choose to leave a Facebook page active, using it more as a memorial page and allowing friends to go on and post messages and memories. If this is the case, just be sure to be careful about what you post, with the understanding that many different people and family members will be reading it.

4. If Someone Else Makes a Misstep, Don’t Make It Worse

It’s possible another person, even someone you know, makes an inappropriate comment online on a loved one’s page, or they post something before the family knows. Don’t make things worse by berating them online and causing an even bigger issue. If you feel the need to reach out, do so privately either in person or through the phone or direct message.

5. Remember That This is Not About You

In the end, the most important thing to consider is that social media after death can be disturbing to some, and you don’t want to do anything that will cause anyone more pain. Choose your words carefully, as well as your timing, and always follow the wishes of the family.

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