Whether you’re pre-planning your funeral and burial arrangements, or you’re making arrangements for a loved one, there are many burial and memorial options available for cremation. With many people choosing cremation today, cemeteries like The Gardens of Boca Raton have made it a priority to offer beautiful cremation options to memorialize the life of your loved ones and provide them with an honorable resting place.

While you can keep a cremation urn at home, many families prefer to store their loved one’s remains in a permanent place where they can go and remember their loved ones. Cremation niches give families that opportunity. Keep reading to learn more about cremation burial options and how to choose the right cremation niche.

What’s a Columbarium?

Unlike other burial options, cremated remains are stored in what’s known as a columbarium. These are structures designed specifically to house cremated remains. A columbarium can be an indoor structure or an outdoor garden-style building, they can either be public or private. Although they resemble a mausoleum, they differ in the fact that only cremated remains are stored there. Columbariums can be very simple or quite ornate, it depends on the style of the cemetery.

Private vs. Public Columbariums

Similar to mausoleums, columbariums can either be in public buildings or private family rooms. Community or public columbariums may be indoor or outdoor buildings that host cremated remains for everyone. On the other hand, private columbarium rooms are private spaces dedicated for you and your family. These are entirely independent rooms that can be customized with features such as stained glass, unique materials, and more. Private rooms can accommodate as many members of your family as you design them for.

What’s a Cremation Niche?

The columbarium is made up of all the cremation niches it holds. Cremation niches are used to house the cremation urns and just as mausoleum crypts, they come in different styles and options.

Single Niche: A personalized cremation niche that holds one urn.

Companion Niche: Holds two cremation urns and are often available in either side-by-side or tandem configurations.

Family Columbariums: Often private columbariums that can hold two or more cremation urns.

Cremation Niche Styles

One of the reasons people choose cremation over other burial options is due to its personalization options. With cremation, families can offer a higher level of personalization to memorialize their loved ones.

Marble-front Niches

This type of columbarium will have granite-sealed niches. Fronts are usually laser-etched with epitaphs. Some families choose to add a bronze plaque with inscriptions or add other urn art to personalize the space. Granite-front niches can be found inside or outside.

Glass-front Niches

This columbarium is made of glass shadow boxes, which allows the contents of each niche to be seen. Besides the cremation urn, families often display photos, jewelry, flowers, toys, notes, trinkets, and other details that celebrate their loved ones. Unlike granite-front niches, glass ones don’t stand up to the elements, which is why they’re often only found inside.

Memorial Bench Niches

Another alternative to store cremated remains is with memorial benches. This option allows holding one or two cremation urns. Often a bronze plaque with an epitaph and inscription is added to the bench. Some families choose to have a memorial bench even if the cremated remains are stored somewhere else.

How to Choose a Cremation Niche?

This is a very personal decision that requires the family’s participation. Glass niches allow your family members to view the cremation urn. It also allows for enough space to personalize the niche by placing memorabilia, photos, gifts, and other items for everyone to remember. One of the most significant advantages of glass niches is the fact they’re not sealed, this means family members can change the niche as pleased. Often families change the items inside the niche for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

On the other hand, marble-front niches are very traditional. These cremation niches resemble a mausoleum crypt, but they’re smaller. Although they cannot be as personalized as glass niches, they still allow for name engraving, flowers, and other funeral art to be placed on the plaque.

Again, this is a very personal decision that should take into consideration everyone’s feelings. Take your time to look at the different options before making a decision.

Need Help Finding a Cremation Niche?

We understand whether you’re pre-planning for yourself or looking at last-minute arrangements choosing a cremation niche can be extremely overwhelming. If you ever need help finding a cremation niche, reach out to our funeral specialist. Our staff will guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the right cremation urn to finding the most honorable cremation niche. Also, if you need help finding out if cremation is right for you or your loved one, seek out counsel from our funeral specialists, they can help you navigate the process of choosing the right burial option.

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