How to Get Ordained?

In the state of Florida, anyone can get ordained. A short application is all it takes to get ordained in Florida. People may get ordained to solemnize weddings, perform funeral and memorial services, and other events. In South Florida, the registration process to get ordained is easy, free, and convenient.

However, we have to note that many individuals can perform a memorial service. We have talked about the people who can perform funeral services in previous posts. But, if your goal is to get ordained, here is how you do it in Florida.

Steps to Get Ordained in South Florida

If you are planning to get ordained in Florida, you only need your personal information and filling out a form. The whole process only takes a few hours, and you can complete everything online.

Step 1: Visit Open Ministry’s website and select Get Ordained

Step 2: Fill out the form. Make sure to use proper spelling and capitalization

Step 3: Look for an email from Open Ministry

Step 4: Confirm your Ordination

Step 5 (Optional): Register as a minister

Again, you don’t have to be registered as a minister to perform a funeral. But, you might still want to check with your clergy and funeral home to make sure this is the case.

How to Register as a Minister?

After getting ordained, you can contact the county clerk to get registered as a minister. Many states do not require ministers to register to perform religious duties. And, it is important to note that getting registered is technically not needed in Florida.

Step 1: Become ordained in Florida

Step 2: Contact your county clerk

Step 3: Ask for document requirements to be registered as a minister

Step 4: Wait to receive proof of your ordination

Difference between Ordained and Licensed Minister

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the terms ordained and licensed minister. Some religious denominations classify their clergy as ordained or as licensed ministers. The reason for this distinction is related to their faith. In some denominations, seminary students and candidates for ordination must go through a probationary period before becoming a licensed minister.

Ordination permits people to perform weddings, marriage ceremonies, hold worship services, and conduct spiritual counseling sessions. Licensed ministers are authorized to perform ministerial functions and other sacerdotal duties.

Getting ordained in Florida is free, easy, convenient, and fast. If you wish to get ordained, you can follow the steps above to become an ordained individual or even a licensed minister. This way you can perform wedding ceremonies for friends, and funeral or memorial services if the funeral home requires them to be ordained.


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