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Does a Service Have to Be Performed By a Minister?

Minister Performing Services

For centuries, communities have looked to their religious leaders to perform funeral services for their loved ones. But things have changed in recent decades, and people now look for other options What if someone doesn’t have a minister available to perform the service, who else can they ask to do it?

The person that takes the lead during the funeral service has to work with the family of the deceased to develop a program for the funeral, including writing and delivering a eulogy.

5 People Who Can Perform a Funeral Service

When it comes to leading a funeral service, there are a handful of options for people to choose in South Florida.

1. Religious Leader

The person most families choose to lead their funeral service is usually someone from their congregation or local church. It’s also possible that the funeral home can recommend someone from your faith if you don’t know someone in the area. When considering the death of a loved one, a religious leader can help others get spiritual peace during a particularly troubling period.

2. A Family Member

A close relative likely has the most knowledge about the deceased, from their childhood up through their adult years, so it makes sense that they would be able to perform an informative and caring eulogy.

3. A Close Friend

One of the deceased’s close friends will have a perspective even some family members don’t have, and they’ll be able to help the family understand how much their relative was loved outside of the family.

4. An Ordained Minister Without a Religious Affiliation

Perhaps the deceased wasn’t a religious person, or the family decides not to have a religious funeral service. They can choose to have someone with no religious affiliation perform the eulogy, keeping it mostly a discussion about their life and how they affected others.

5. Get Someone To Become an Ordained Minister

While you don’t have to have a licensed minister to perform the service, it would be good to have the person that’s going to perform the service get ordained online. This would also help train them for how to perform a eulogy and plan the funeral service.

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