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Do I Pick the Music For My Loved One’s Funeral?

Funeral Music

There is usually music being played in the background during most funeral services, but who decides what music should be played? Many times the music of choice is low-key, choral music that has a somber tone at a peaceful level. But what if the widow of a lost loved one wants to choose their own music to help set the mood for the services? Planning a funeral for a loved one involves many decisions: what pictures will be displayed, if the casket will be open or closed, and yes, often it’s up to loved ones to also choose the music.

Who Picks the Music for My Loved One’s Funeral?

When planning a funeral, choosing the right music can really help set the mood Here’s who might end up choosing which music gets played.

The Widow

Typically, the widow of the deceased gets to decide what type of music should be played to honor their loved one. This could be peaceful, instrumental music in the background, whether it’s music from an orchestra, a pianist, a harpist, or someone playing the guitar, or it could be a playlist they’ve chosen. They could choose to play some of their loved one’s favorite music from over the years, or music that the two of them held dear to their hearts.

The Deceased

Many people plan their own funeral, which is a kindness that removes difficult decision-making from the hands of their family in a time of grief. If they plan their own funeral, they might also choose the music that is played, whether that’s their favorite album or music they’d like everyone to remember them for.

The Family of the Deceased

Much like the widow, the family could choose the music for their loved one’s funeral. Getting together and making group decisions like choosing music they think befits both the occasion and their loved one could actually be a good way for the family to get involved and find some closure.

Close Friends of the Deceased

In some cases, there’s not a lot of family involved, or they might not be able to attend the funeral because of the location or other reasons. So the close friends of the deceased might be the ones planning a funeral of their lost friend, which could include choosing what types of music should be played.

The Funeral Home

In most cases, the decision about what music should be played at a funeral is left to the funeral home, considering they’ve administered hundreds, if not thousands, of funerals in the past. They understand what’s appropriate at setting the mood for family and friends coming to pay their respects and say goodbye to their loved one.

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