It’s time to plan a funeral, something nobody relishes, and you need to pick a flower arrangement. What kind of flowers are appropriate? What are the meanings of different types of flowers? We will answer all these questions and more to make this difficult time a little bit easier for you.

What Are the Most Popular Flowers for Funerals, and What Do They Mean?

Funeral flowers can have a variety of meanings, many of which vary by location and culture. However, there are certain universal concepts that most cultures adhere to. Now, here are the most popular flower choices for funerals.

1. Lilies

Lilies are by far the most popular funeral flower in the United States. Considered symbols of peace, grace, and dignity, lilies are an obvious choice for the solemn affair funerals typically are. They are considered representative of the innocence that’s been restored now that the person is departed. White lilies, in particular, are some of the most popular funeral flowers. Often meant to convey peace after life, the white lily is an excellent choice for a funeral.

2. Daisies

Daisies are frequently used in more modern funeral arrangements. Daisies are considered a “farewell” flower and are often put on graves worldwide. Daisies are also commonly used to commemorate the youthfulness of a deceased child, as they are “the flower of youth.” Daisies can also be used in lighter “celebration of life” funeral arrangements.

3. Roses

Roses are universal symbols of love, and giving a rose to someone is considered an expression of that love. Alone, roses can also represent purity, strength, and balance. Much as in romantic love, the giving of a rose at a funeral is considered a strong expression of love and is thus popular at funeral services. Roses of different colors, of course, mean other things. However, the most common type for funerals is the simple red rose, which is symbolic of love and devotion to a person.

4. Orchids

Much like roses, orchids are held to be representations of everlasting love. Their exotic nature conveys adoration and deep respect when present at a funeral. They also symbolize the return to nature and the end of one life cycle in favor of another. Most commonly used at “celebration of life” funerals, orchids are a stylish choice that will surely make beauty out of any funeral service.

5. Chrysanthemums

While less prevalent in the United States, chrysanthemums are considered representative of death in many European countries. Symbolic of sympathy, grief, and mourning, these flowers are often given as comfort to the family of the deceased in many cultures. Frequently used at large funeral processions, chrysanthemums are traditionally given as gifts to the loved ones of the deceased, as they are representative of sympathy and grief.

What Do Funeral Flower Colors Mean?

Here we will be going over the meaning of various flower colors when present at funerals. Many different cultures have different views of flowers, their colors, and their purposes, so this guide is meant to be strictly in the Western funeral tradition.


White flowers are typically meant to convey a message of innocence and peace. The white color is a symbol of peace worldwide, and its unstained nature also signifies the innocence of the person who is departed.


Somewhat less popular at funerals than white flowers, red is a color that often symbolizes love and beauty. Think of roses, for example, the most common red flower. It represents love and is often given as a gift between those who love each other. It also symbolizes beauty.


Purple is a color formerly reserved for those of the nobility and regality. Therefore, in the modern-day, purple is used in funeral arrangements to convey regality, dignity, and respect. A dignified arrangement of purple flowers expresses a deep appreciation for the person being commemorated.


Considered symbolic of mourning and condolences, blue is an excellent flower color for a funeral. Deeply significant and representative of mourning worldwide, blue flowers are sure to add notes of solemnness and composure to any funeral service.


Interestingly, yellow is frequently considered a happy color. Representative of youthfulness and happy memories, this color is perfect for celebrations of life. This uplifting color is ideal for funerals focused on celebrating the deceased and their life rather than purely mourning.

These are the meanings of various flower colors at funerals. However, don’t feel restricted to just one color or message. Funerals can be thematically diverse, and arrangements consisting of multiple colors can often result in the most well-balanced and beautiful funeral services. You can even layer the different colors of flowers together to convey dual symbolism for your funeral arrangement or celebration of the life of the deceased.

Things to Consider Before Buying Funeral Flowers

When planning flower arrangements for a funeral, one should always consider the style of the funeral and how the flowers can fit into it. You need to consider how you want the flowers arranged as well. For example, will the flowers be in a wreath, in the shape of a Cross, or perhaps arranged in vases. Also, do you want flowers adorning the casket or not? These are all essential considerations when picking out funeral flowers. Take, for example, casket sprays — floral arrangements for the casket itself. Typically, a half-couch casket spray is used to decorate an open casket at an open casket funeral.

Similarly, a full-couch casket spray is used to surround the entire casket during a closed casket funeral. The decision as to what sort of floral arrangement you want at a funeral is critical, but it is not necessarily an easy decision to make. You also have to consider the tone of the funeral itself. Is it meant to be a profoundly mournful remembrance or perhaps a more upbeat celebration of life? The stylistic choices you make concerning the funeral will naturally also influence the type and color of flowers you will have at the funeral.


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