Proper Funeral Etiquette Tips

Funeral Etiquette Tips

No one ever wants to stand out as rude or improper, especially at such a serious occasion as a funeral or memorial service in a funeral parlor. But many times, whether it is because of the uneasiness of the situation, the emotionality of everything, or just the fact we have not been to many funerals, we often do not know proper funeral etiquette. Or at the very least, we are unclear on just what is expected at a funeral home, and what we should and should not do.

What to Wear and What Not To Wear

Among the most common questions when people consider proper funeral etiquette is what they should wear to the funeral home? What mourners should wear often depends on any religious observances involved, but usually, wearing black or dark clothes is appropriate, unless otherwise indicated. The most important thing to remember is to look clean and not wear anything that is flashy or stands out and distracts.

When Should You Arrive

You never want to arrive after the funeral service has already begun, as that is disrespectful to the grieving family and the loved one you are paying your respects to. Check the traffic route on your mobile phone apps to see how long it should take to get there, and then give yourself a cushion in case of traffic delays or parking issues. A place like The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery and Funeral Services has plenty of available parking, but other funeral parlors in bigger cities might have limited parking.

Where Should You Sit

The first few rows at a funeral home are usually reserved for family members. Even if you are a distant relative, allow space for those closest to the deceased to sit up front. Try not to allow for a huge gap of empty seats between the family and everyone else observing the funeral. Sitting in the middle is a safe route for you and your family.

How You Should Act

First of all, make sure your cell phone is turned off before even going into the funeral parlor. It might even be smart to set a reminder on your phone to turn it off 10 minutes before you get there. Some phones allow you to set reminders when you arrive at a specific location.
Also, share your condolences with family members and friends of the deceased, but do not make them feel like they need to have long conversations with you. Let them decide how the conversation goes, and do not forget that others in attendance will also want to share their condolences without you hanging around.

Who You Should Bring

This is mostly in reference to bringing children to the funeral parlor. Should you bring small children, even if they are well-behaved? That is a question for you to answer, but realize that death is a heavy issue that children might not understand while they are there. If you do bring well-behaved children (others should be left with a sitter or family member), make sure you explain to them what they should expect during the funeral service, and how other people are going to be acting. Let them know what is and is not appropriate, and make sure they understand how to whisper and sit quietly for long periods.
Since the people that work at The Gardens of Boca Raton have witnessed hundreds of funerals and memorial services, you should feel free to ask any of the attendants about proper funeral etiquette if you are not quite sure. Remember that this service at the funeral parlor is meant to show respect for the deceased.

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