Should You Record a Funeral Service

Why You Should Have Video at Funerals

Should You Have Video at Funerals?

Many families and friends question the use of videos at funerals. While most of us are familiar with tribute videos at funeral services, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of having a videographer record the funeral service. However, recording a funeral is acceptable, and it can be very beneficial to family members and friends.

Is It OK to Film a Funeral?

The shortest answer is, yes. Of course, before going ahead and hiring a video crew to film the entire funeral service, it is best to consult with close family members to make sure everyone agrees with it. It is not unusual to have a family member that might feel uncomfortable with recording such an intimate occasion. Some families also find a professional photographer for funeral services to capture the many emotions and moments throughout the funeral.

3 Reasons to Record a Funeral Service

Recording a funeral service can have more benefits than most people think. And in the end, it captures a significant moment in your family’s life, not to mention it serves as a way to remember your deceased loved one. If you still need to find reasons to explain to your family why you should record the funeral service, continue reading.

1. Share It with Family and Friends

In today’s world, not everyone lives close to home. That means we all have family members and friends scattered all over the world. A funeral video is a way to make those far away included in the funeral. It is also a way to save the moment for those who couldn’t attend due to emotional distress, shock, travel restrictions, illness, schedule, or any other obstacle.

2. Preserve the Memories

Of course, you want to preserve the happy memories you have of your loved ones. But, during a funeral service, it is very likely friends, and family will share beautiful memories, testimonials, and more beautiful words you’ll want to remember.

A funeral video can help you preserve those memories, to share it with younger family members that might not remember the funeral service. Also, it is likely that during a funeral service you may exit the room, for plenty of reasons such as overwhelming emotions, if you needed a minute to breathe, or maybe you had to take care of a child. When you exit the room, you may miss important moments of the service that you wished you experienced. The funeral video can help you revive those missed moments.

3. Ease the Healing Process

At first, it may be impossible for you to re-watch your loved one’s funeral. When the time is right, you can turn back to the funeral video to remember how much your loved one was appreciated, the positive impact they had on others’ lives. Revisiting these beautiful memories can help you assimilate your loss and help with your mourning process.

What about Life-Streaming a Funeral Service?

Besides having a videographer, some families are also choosing to live-stream funeral services. Streaming a funeral service helps those who couldn’t attend feel more involved with the funeral. Even though they can’t be physically present at the funeral, being able to experience what’s happening live makes them feel connected to their passed loved ones and family members.

At The Gardens our funeral home is equipped to allow video and have the ability to live-stream a funeral service. A funeral video can be a way to capture your loved ones’ memory and your family’s testimonials.