Writing a Funeral Announcement

When it comes to writing a funeral announcement for a dear friend or a loved one, finding the right words can become a challenge. A funeral announcement is not only used to share the unfortunate news of someone’s passing, but it is also a keepsake for the family and friends that attend the funeral. Funeral announcements often recap someone’s life, and with thoughtful messages, they serve as a vehicle for remembering the legacy of those who are no longer with us.

If you are having trouble writing a funeral announcement, keep reading to find out our experts tips on writing funeral announcements.

Funeral Announcements vs. Obituaries

First of all, let us discuss the differences between a funeral announcement and an obituary. While many believe these are interchangeable, the reality is they are very different from one another. An obituary is a notice of death. They are usually published in the newspaper and tend to include a brief biography of the deceased. Here is how to write an obituary to help you get started.

On the other hand, a funeral announcement is a way of letting your friends and family know of the passing of a loved one, as well as the details on any funeral plans made by the family. Funeral announcements are often not published and are only sent either by email or mail.

How to Write a Funeral Announcement?

Once you are ready to start writing your funeral announcement, you have to make sure you incorporate the right things. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure to include the family’s names, the city they lived, when they passed, and the arrangements planned to commemorate their death.
  2. Some people include a photo of the deceased with the announcement.
  3. Consider including a poem, script, or prayer that is meaningful for your family.
  4. If your family has a family flag or a coat of arms you can also include it in the announcement.
  5. Every family is allowed to share as many or as little details about their loved one’s death as they please, make sure you are comfortable with the information you are sharing.

A funeral announcement should be more of an invitation for a funeral, wake, or memorial service. Funeral announcements are very personal, intimate, and special to families, which is why you should take your time before you start writing one and you take the proper time to choose the right words.

In the case, you find it too difficult to write a funeral announcement for your loved one, ask for help. Perhaps a member of your family is willing to take on the responsibility of writing such an announcement. In some cases, asking the Funeral Director or Funeral Counselor for assistance can be helpful.

How to Write a Funeral Announcement for Facebook?

In today’s social world, many families are choosing to live-stream their loved one’s memorial service, so the question arises: is it okay to post on social media? The answer to that question is deeply personal, and it should be left to the family to decide whether or not they want to share the news on Facebook.

In case you want to write a funeral announcement for Facebook, here is what to include:

  1. A brief explanation of how your loved ones passed.
  2. Short message remembering him/her.
  3. The date, time, and location for the funeral.

When writing a funeral announcement for Facebook, you have to consider all your Facebook friends, and possibly their friends will be able to see this message. Make sure you specify if the funeral is a private gathering, reserved for a family member and close friends. Otherwise, you might run the challenge of having too many unexpected guests at the funeral.

If you are planning to set up donations as a way to commemorate your loved one, make sure to add that information in there as well. Most people will want to know how they can help during this challenging time.

Tips for Sending a Funeral Announcement

Once you have written the funeral announcement and have decided on the look and feel of the card, make sure you think about these things before you send it:

  1. Have an obituary to go with – Since not everyone will receive the funeral announcement, make sure to publish an obituary either in a newspaper or online.
  2. Consider everyone – If you have friends and family coming from out of town, consider their needs too. Add directions, contact details, and additional information for out-of-town guests.
  3. Choose wisely – You do not want to offend anyone by only posting on social media about this. Make sure you choose a noticeable medium such as a personal email or postcard to let friends and family know about the funeral arrangements.
  4. Wait until you are ready – Make sure everything is in place before you send out funeral notices. At this time, many things are happening, and it can be challenging to cope with all the emotions at once. Take your time and ask for help when you need it.

Generally, you can follow these four tips to cover every base when you decide to write an announcement letting the family and friends of a loved one know about their passing.

Things You Must Include

Obviously, you need to include their whole name and any associated nicknames or titles they might have been known by. Including a woman’s maiden name is a wise decision, too. Mention which city they lived in, and who their surviving family members are. Finally, if it’s a public funeral, make sure you mention that, announcing where the funeral will be held, and at which time.

Optional Things You Can Include

Here you can mention where the person was born or where they grew up, and where they worked. You can include the names of more than just their immediate family here, too, like their cousins, aunts or uncles. Having a picture of the deceased is a nice touch, as well, allowing people to confirm.

Understand the Different Types

If you’re writing a funeral announcement that you plan to post in a newspaper, then you are likely limited in the number of words, space and length you can use, and it lends itself to more of a formal way of writing the obituary. For a newspaper, try to be concise, without flowery words, and think about it in a journalistic sense, answering the questions of who, what, when, where and why. Who died, leaving which members behind? When did they die and when is the funeral? Where will the funeral take place? The “why” question could be an answer to how they died or even a description of whether it was sudden or a peaceful death. But the “why” question is definitely not a mandatory piece to add to an obituary.

For a less formal funeral announcement, like on a card for their family and friends, then you can use more descriptors in your choice of words. By that, we mean describing some personality traits, where he/she worked, and what were some of their hobbies or interests?

Thoughtful Funeral Announcement Sample Templates

If you still need extra help to write your loved one’s funeral announcement. Follow the templates below to get a thoughtful message that will honor the life and legacy of your loved one.

Option #1

In loving memory of [name]. [Date of birth and date of death] Beloved [husband, spouse, father, grandfather, etc.]. Forever in our hearts. Please join us [time, date, location] to remember his/her life.

Option #2

It is with our deepest sorrows that we inform you of the death of our beloved [husband, father, grandfather, etc.], [name] on [date]. A private family memorial service will be held on [date, time, and location].

Option #3

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of our beloved [wife, mother, grandmother, etc.] [Name] on [date]. We want to cordially extend an invitation to join our family in celebrating her life on [date, time, and location]. We request you bring your thoughts, prayers, and fondest memories of [name]. A small private reception to follow.

If you need help with writing funeral announcements, do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our caring team will be able to assist you in making sure your funeral announcement is a worthy celebration of your loved one’s life.


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