Sending Flowers

Dating back centuries, people all over the world have used flowers to serve as a tribute to a lost loved one. Mourners bringing flowers for the funeral of their deceased friend or family member has become a tradition that continues to this day. But some might wonder, is this tradition still valid?

Flowers are a symbol of life, helping to represent both birth and death, with intense visual beauty and wonderful fragrances. But they also help a mourner share their feelings about someone without using words. Many times, a bouquet of flowers say what words cannot, offering sympathy in the manner of a gift to help beautify the funeral service.

Bereaved families very much appreciate the gesture of a floral funeral gift, and it helps them understand how their lost loved one affected others. Research shows that a gift of flowers helps a person’s emotional well-being.

However, those in the Islamic and Jewish faiths do not traditionally receive flowers for their funeral services. Also, a family might ask people to contribute a donation to a specific charity “in lieu of” sending flowers. Following a family’s wishes and religious traditions should be your first concern.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Flowers For a Funeral

Ask yourself these questions as you prepare to buy a floral arrangement for the funeral service of a friend or loved one.

What Type of Flowers Should You Send?

The most common types of flowers sent to a funeral include carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, roses and snapdragons. Ask your florist what types of arrangements they recommend along with what might be seasonally available in the area.

What’s the Difference Between Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers?

“Funeral flowers” are those sent for the funeral service, and are usually a large arrangement. “Sympathy flowers,” on the other hand, go directly to the home of the family of the deceased, and they are addressed to a specific family member or friend. These arrangements are smaller in size, compared to the “funeral flowers,” and they are used to decorate the home of the bereaved.

What About Sending a Plant Instead?

Sending a plant is an excellent idea because they serve as a lasting tribute to a lost friend. A plant can also be planted in the backyard or even at the gravesite in many cases. Some of the more common plants people send include the peace lily, violets and orchids.

Can You Make the Arrangement Unique?

There might be a way to make your funeral flowers unique, specific to the person you are memorializing. Do you know their favorite color or what activities they enjoyed? Talk with your florist to see if there’s something they can do to make it a unique arrangement specific to that person.

If You Send Roses, What Color Should You Send?

Roses are a common funeral flower for a few reasons – they’re beautiful and they symbolize innocence, purity and spirituality. Red roses symbolize love, while yellow roses represent great friendship. Pink roses are often used to express thankfulness.

If you are going to a funeral in the South Florida area, possibly at The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery & Funeral Services, then give them a call at (561) 989-9190 to see what florists or what types of flowers they recommend. They are located at 4103 N. Military Trail in Boca Raton.

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