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Just like many other industries, big corporations have begun to buy up funeral homes across the country, which has taken away a lot of the personalization and comfort that comes from a family-owned funeral home, like The Gardens at Boca Raton – Cemetery and Chapel.

These family-owned funeral homes have one goal – providing their customers, who likely live in the same area, with quality service during times when cold corporations are only looking at the bottom lines. But it’s important to share how the difference can be felt by loved ones and family members.

Here are a handful of reasons you’ll want a more personal touch over dealing with a large corporation.

Pillars in the Community

A family-owned funeral home has likely been around for generations in your community, which means they’ve done good business for years, and your friends and neighbors can attest to it. They have a vested interest in doing quality funeral services since they have personal relationships with many of the families in the area.

Always Building Customer Trust

Everything a funeral home does reflects their understanding of the people in their community. Whether it’s providing affordable options or personalized services, The Gardens at Boca Raton is staffed by fellow members of the community, and they care.


As we mentioned, a corporation is concerned mostly with the bottom line, which means they might not have time to personalize or make a funeral service different from the thousands of others they’ve done in recent years.

A family-owned funeral home will sit down with their fellow families to understand what they can do to make this final experience something that honors the loved one in a significant way.


Since places like The Gardens at Boca Raton have been around for such a long time in the same community, they’ll often get families that use them again and again as generations grow older. A family-owned funeral home you’ve used before will already know most of your family’s preferences, saving you time and energy during a time most people struggle to find either. It’s also important to know that family-owned operations will be there in the coming decades, as well.

Even Corporations Know Family Names Are Important

While these big corporations buy up funeral homes across the country, they’re often careful not to change the names of the business. They know how important it is for a family-owned funeral home to keep its reputation as a personalized service within the community. In times of grief, people want to come and talk to people they know and are comfortable with.

Working with family-owned funeral homes helps your family get through tough times, and it helps the community, as your good experiences will help others when they also have to go through the loss of a loved one. Getting good peace of mind is more important than ever when families grieve over loss.

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