DNA Preservation

DNA preservation is a new memorial option for many families in the 21st century. It helps loved ones keep the genetic information of their lost loved one available forever.

DNA encodes genetic information about every human on earth, including eye color, hair color, height, skin pigmentation and other physical traits. But it also happens to be the gene storage facility for other information, like health risks, ancestral origins, family medical conditions and much more.

5 Things to Know About DNA Preservation

DNA preservation is considered by more families as the years go by. Here are five facts you should know about it.

Why People Consider DNA Preservation

The death of a loved one usually means the loss of their family history from not just a social perspective, but a genealogical and medical standpoint, too. DNA preservation stores their information for generations to come. A funeral home facilitates the collection of DNA, usually from a swab, and the transportation to a DNA memorial facility.

Future Healthcare

Having DNA information of a relative that has passed can pay dividends later from a healthcare perspective because it could lend insight into a family’s medical history and hereditary diseases. Medical professionals also believe there are other reasons why preserved DNA could help in the future that they just don’t know about yet.

Doctors are beginning to rely more on genetic testing to determine different types of cancer, drug dosage levels and disease risks for family members.

When to Secure a DNA Sample

A DNA sample can be obtained at any point during a person’s life, even when death is imminent. DNA can be collected after death, too, as long as the body has not yet been cremated or embalmed.

Preserving DNA Memories in Custom Objects

Some laboratories can extract the DNA molecules and purify them from other cellular components, creating synthetic fossils. These synthetic fossils can then be used to create memorial products encasing your loved one’s DNA. These products include things like jewelry and crystal vases.

How Long Does Banked DNA Last?

Preserved DNA lasts indefinitely and can be accessed for testing at any time in the future. This is important since about 75 percent of all known diseases can be traced back to a person’s genetic makeup.

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