How to Write a Funeral Sermon Outline

Choosing the right words, honoring the deceased, and comforting their family and friends. Although every funeral sermon is different, they are still somewhat similar in their base structure. Delivering a funeral is one of the greatest responsibilities of Funeral Directors or funeral speakers. Our funeral home directors are very experienced and are here to offer guidance.

If you are set with the challenge of delivering a funeral sermon for a loved one, consider planning a sermon outline to help guide your words.

How to Write a Funeral Sermon?

A funeral sermon needs to be concise, heartening, and powerful giving comfort to the family and friends attending the funeral or memorial service. As you start writing the funeral sermon, there are certain things to consider:

  • Take the time to explain the passages of scripture you chose
  • Don’t imply anything that isn’t true
  • Look for wisdom in brief sermons

Remember that when delivering a funeral sermon, you’ll be reaching people from different backgrounds, going through various stages of grief, and who knew the deceased very differently. As you go through your funeral sermon, explaining the meaning behind your words and the message behind your prayers can truly offer comfort to those present.

Writing a Funeral Sermon Outline

Having a funeral sermon outline can help you stay on track with your delivery. It is easy to lose your line of thought as you try to provide comfort to those grieving. If you’re delivering a funeral sermon, this is a common outline you can follow.


Good day everyone, my name is [your name]. On behalf of all family and friends, I would like to welcome everyone as we have gathered today to remember [name of the deceased].

Your presence here today is an affirmation of your love and support to the family. Thank you for being here. Although the family may not remember every word we share here today, they will remember your presence for the rest of their lives.

[Add short prayer here]

We are here because in one way or another, we’ve been touched by [name of deceased] life, and each of us feels their loss deeply. When we are faced with uncertainty, it is vital that we turn to what we are confident of:

  • [Name of deceased] loved his or her family and friends
  • [Name of deceased] was loved by his or her family and friends
  • [Name of deceased] was [add personal details here]

Today, in the midst of our sadness, we might be looking for ways to help the family and to find comfort for ourselves. We might find ourselves powerless, searching for words to share, then, remember this:

  • Don’t feel like you have to find answers for [name of deceased] death
  • More than talking, listen, listen to the stories of [name of deceased]
  • Give the family a shoulder to cry on; your presence is worth more than words

In times like these, remembering the life of our loved ones and celebrating their life is what truly matters.


Please join me as we pray.

[Add your favorite prayer here]

Follow with a brief explanation of your prayer and how we can use these words to comfort us.


We are gathered here today to honor and remember [name of deceased]. During this time of pain and suffering, we find comfort in sharing stories and remembering the life of [name of deceased].

[Invite the first funeral speaker]

At this point, depending on the wishes of the family, you can provide the opportunity for other funeral speakers to participate. In some occasions, families leave an open microphone for other family members and friends to participate. Today, many memorial services incorporate a slideshow video of the deceased and the family.


After the family and other funeral speakers participate, gather everyone to sit down and continue with the sermon.

It is never easy to lose a loved one. As we search for answers and comfort, I would like us to bring our attention to [choose a scripture].

Continue by explaining how this scripture relates to the deceased and his or her family.

So, now. Let’s pray.

[Add short closing prayer here]

Closing Comments

On behalf of everyone gathered here and the family, I would like to thank everyone for joining us to celebrate the life of [name of deceased].

Provide details for the reception, and other events following the funeral service. Make sure to dismiss the family first to be met at the reception. Otherwise, they will be held up by people wanting to express their condolences.

Need More Help?

Choosing the right funeral sermon for a loved one can be challenging. While everyone can perform a funeral, in many cases, the Funeral Director is the one to create a funeral sermon outline. If you need help with funeral arrangements, our caring funeral experts are available to help you create a thoughtful and comforting outline to celebrate the life of your loved one.

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