7 Ways to Personalize a Funeral for a Loved One

Personalize Funerals

When a loved one dies, we all want to do everything within our power to create a wonderful memorial to their life, but in many cases, it’s difficult to be creative while grieving their loss.

The Gardens of Boca Raton – Cemetery & Chapel specializes in making funerals personal, helping loved ones left behind share everything that made this person great.

By personalizing the funeral, visitors and those coming to give their respects will get to see exactly how this person’s life was led and how he affected those around him, including family and friends.

So we came up with a list of things that can be done to personalize a funeral for a loved one, helping make the entire experience, unlike other funerals, putting a personalized stamp on their memorial.

7 Ways to Personalize a Funeral

Not all of these methods will work for everyone, and ideally, you’ll find something among them that either works for you or inspires a different idea of your own.

Customized Caskets

One of the best and easiest way to really personalize the service is to use customized caskets. We happen to use Batesville Caskets, which rank among the highest of quality, with innovative design and technologies. Many reasons someone might choose a casket for their loved one include personal things, and the medallions on the casket are interchangeable with interests, hobbies or associations the person had while they were alive.

Military Honors

Obviously, if a loved one was in the U.S. military, then it might have been important to them to display their honors at their funeral. This could include medals and uniforms of the veteran, and have a flag draped on the casket.

Beautiful Photo Displays

Rather than just having a board next to the casket with loving photos of the deceased, how about coming up with a creative way to display them? What about making a wreath out of the photos, a floating mobile or even an arrangement that hangs from wires across an entire wall?

You should also think about putting out a table that has many of your loved one’s favorite items, like some sports personalized memorabilia, a uniform or some things he/she saved over the years.

On that table, you could even put a digital picture frame on the desk, which could scroll through hundreds of images of the person. These can be found on Amazon, at several different prices. Some of the best ones are also set up so that you can give out an email address to family and friends, allowing them to send in some images of the loved one that they might have. (You’ll still have control over what images can be seen, of course.)

Video Montage

Show a pleasant video montage that includes pictures or videos of the loved one doing the things he loved and being around the people that cherished him. The video could be a sentimental journey through their life, with pictures from decades ago, refreshing memories for loved ones, is a great way to start a funeral. While waiting for the service to begin, this video can be playing up front, along with his favorite music.

When the casket is closed, people are sitting in the chapel, waiting for the family, just staring at the wall. they can be watching this video which sparks memories and stories about that person’s life in a great way.

Live Musicians

One beautiful touch is to hire a musician to come in and play before the service begins, or during the viewing. These musicians can create such a wonderful, peaceful calm inside the room. Some different types of solo musicians to consider are violinists, guitarists, pianists or even just a soloist singer. If you hire a pianist, renting a beautiful piano is likely necessary, but again, it really sets this memorial service apart.

Personalized Playlist

While hiring musicians might not be in everyone’s budget, putting together some peaceful music specifically chosen by you that represents the loved one might be exactly what your service needs.

Start in the Parking Lot

From motorcycle riders to car enthusiasts, there are plenty of hobbies that might make it difficult to display in the funeral home. Some of the best ways to use outdoor space are to line up antique cars at the cemetery or have people bring their motorcycles to honor a Harley Davidson owner.

Personalizing a funeral service for a loved one is a great gesture that helps those coming to pay their respects to get a wide perspective of the friend or family member that they lost. Adding personal touches will help their memories return, and add closure to the loss of a loved one.

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