Above Ground Burial Benefits

There are plenty of options these days when you start to consider how you would like to bury a loved one. From below-ground graves to above-ground vaults called crypts or mausoleums, and even tandem companion crypts for couples to be buried together.

While the most common way to bury someone in America might be in the ground, the option to bury them in an above-ground tomb is a welcome one, for several reasons we’ll point out in this article.

It is believed that the tradition of above-ground cemeteries dates back to about 350 years B.C.E., when a satrap in the Persian Empire, King Mausolus of Greece was buried in one. Since he embraced Hellenic culture, a monumental shrine was built for him by his widow, and they called it the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. That mausoleum was so impressive and amazing, it was later considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Benefits of an Above-Ground Cemetery

Considering the oxymoron qualities of an “above-ground burial,” we often hear that people choose this option because of the location in the country their loved ones are being buried.

High Water Table

In some cities, the water table might be relatively close to the ground, meaning the city sets at a low sea level. The thought is that the ground is saturated at all times, and ground burials don’t do the best job of keeping the water away. An above-ground crypt gives you peace of mind that this is the driest of gravesites. Not only are these set up above ground, but they also have a water drainage system under the tomb to protect it from weather damage.

Being Buried with Deceased Loved Ones

An above-ground cemetery offers couples and loved ones the opportunity to be buried together after death. A loved one can eventually join their mate in a lawn crypt that allows a pair to be memorialized together.

Attractive Tombs

Many of these above-ground tombs are constructed out of beautiful, solid granite, and they’re all individually designed.

Tombstones often just look like other tombstones, all in rows. But an above-ground tomb stands out from the rest, even if it’s set within other above-ground crypts. The different designs and different looks you can give your loved one’s above-ground tomb, along with the different ones everyone else has, makes for a unique landscape when looking out over the above-ground cemetery.

Standing Out From the Rest

Many times, an above-ground cemetery houses the departed that were quite successful during their living years. An above-ground tomb reflects this, as well, allowing their great success in life to live beyond their time on earth.

These are just a few of the many benefits of above-ground cemeteries, with other positive attributes certainly worth our attention, as well. But making the decision of how and where to bury a loved one is a very personal choice, and it only makes sense that you want to understand all the facts and thoughts about this type of burial. For more information, contact us at The Gardens of Boca Raton – Cemetery & Chapel.

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