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Latest Trends in Funeral Services

Latest Funeral Trends

Funeral services have evolved through the years, with different generations deciding the most common ways to say goodbye to loved ones.

The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery and Chapel keep up with the latest trends in funeral services. Their focus is on the customer, and making sure family and loved ones have as many options as possible.

Mini-Funerals For Invited Guests Only

Rather than have a major funeral, with dozens of people filing in from all over the county, state or country, many have chosen to do a much smaller event. These invitation-only funerals are meant to really concentrate the experience on a small group of loved ones that can get special attention. A close circle of friends and family members – those who knew the deceased the most – can mourn together without distraction.

Personalization Continues to Rise in Popularity

Every person is different and we’re celebrating those differences more and more during life, so it makes sense that same acknowledgment of individuality happens in death, as well. That means making a funeral service unique in as many aspects as possible, while still being respectful. This means that the funeral services could be based around the hobbies and personal interests of the deceased, and funeral home directors are the best people to advise people on different ways to do this.

Planning Funerals in Advance

Planning your own funeral ahead of time is a smart way to get exactly what you want, and relieve your family of making tough decisions during a time when they are already struggling with grief. Choosing a funeral home and a burial plot are just two of the decisions you can make in advance. One can also figure out what type of music they’d like played, which of your life’s accomplishments you’d like the service to be focused on, and even what kind of hobbies you’d like to share.

While paying for the funeral in advance is a great help to your loved ones, as well, the mere act of planning your funeral ahead of time gives them some emotional relief. Choosing a burial or cremation and the location where you’d like to be buried is a smart, free way to assist your family with their loss.

Themed Funerals Becoming Popular

With pop culture becoming a greater part of our lives in recent generations over the past 50 years, some have chosen to hold themed funerals about the beloved hobbies of the deceased. Those themes might range from a superheroes funeral, with a Batman theme for a comic-book lover, or the purchase of a KISS casket, for those that were devout fans of the rock band. This goes beyond just decorations, as some of these themed funerals also ask visitors to dress up accordingly, making the occasion something to remember fondly.

Trends in funeral services seemingly change with every generation, but The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery and Chapel will continue to stay updated, in order to offer the best funeral services possible.

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