Celebrating Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is all about love and celebrating the mother figures in our lives. But for some, Mother’s Day is also about coping with the loss of a mother. Celebrating Mother’s Day while still mourning her loss is a tricky situation. You want to be happy for those close to you, but you also feel nostalgic, sad, and somewhat lonely. After all, your mom is not with you to celebrate.

This Mother’s Day, make it your role to celebrate your mom’s memory and celebrate her life. No matter if your loss is fresh, or if it’s been something you’ve been dealing with for a while, today we want to share some ways to avoid the sadness related to Mother’s Day and celebrate your mom’s legacy the best way possible.

Bring Her Flowers & Cards

It might be rough to visit your mom’s gravesite (or even difficult, if you live away), but in the end, you’ll feel better if you visit her. Bring her flowers and Mother’s Day cards. Don’t be ashamed to talk to her, but don’t feel bad if you can’t find the words and just stay there silent.

Visiting a designated spot to remember all your memories together, update her on your life, or just having a conversation with your mom, feels right. If possible, bring some photos of your latest events and add them to her niche to share the important moments in your life with her.

After visiting her, you will feel more connected to your mom.

Visit Other Moms

At first, it might sound odd, but Mother’s Day is a lonely day for those who can’t call their mothers and for those who can’t see their children. Visiting a local nursing home or senior care center can be a way to celebrate your mom. In many of these centers, some moms might not otherwise get any visitors for Mother’s Day. Bring a little joy and cherish your mom’s memories with them. Talk about your adventures together, and ask them about their families.

Instead of feeling alone on this beautiful holiday, be grateful and bring joy to other moms.

Work with Charities

Countless moms leave the legacy of giving to others. Keep her legacy alive by donating your time to local organizations on Mother’s Day. There are plenty of local charities that offer volunteering opportunities. If you can’t attend an event, you can still donate to a charity your mom was fond of. Even the smallest gesture will make a difference and will make you feel like you’re honoring your mother’s legacy.

Often, when you make a donation, you can make it in honor of someone. Add your mom’s name as a way to celebrate and honor her.

Reach Out to Other Maternal Figures

It could be your mother-in-law, your best friend’s mom who practically raised you, or even your father. You might have a mother figure to reach out to during Mother’s Day, and most likely they’re also thinking about your mom.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with other figures makes the holiday more of an appreciation for those who have made an impact on your life. After all, when your mom passed away, these figures were there to help you process your grief and provide their support.

Visit Your Family

It would be best for your entire family to visit your mom and celebrate her together. But, when you have children or too many people involved, visiting your mom’s gravesite together might be chaotic. Instead, get together as a family and remember your mom for the shining light she was.

Sharing past stories about your mom, anecdotes with your siblings, and even hearing stories you might have never heard about your mom before is a beautiful way to connect with your mom, even if she’s no longer here.

Even though mourning over her loss is still difficult, hang on to the things that make you smile about her, and celebrate Mother’s Day to honor the incredible woman you so luckily get to call mom.

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