What is a Casket Spray?

When planning a funeral for a loved one, families often include flower arrangements as a symbol of love, sympathy, and respect. Flowers create a background of warmth and beauty, which adds to the dignity and consolation of the funeral service. A casket spray is a common funeral arrangement that goes on top of the casket as a way to adorn the coffin.

Casket sprays can combine as many flowers and motifs as the family wishes. Common funeral flower arrangements include roses, orchids, hydrangeas, trailing greens, and so on.

Casket Spray Etiquette

The casket spray typically comes from the spouse, children, siblings, or parents of the deceased. Mainly, only immediate family members are expected to bring a casket spray. In addition to the casket spray, some wreaths usually come from the children, grandchildren, or nieces or nephews of the departed that are laid on the end of the casket.

Immediate family members that wish to add another funeral arrangement to accompany the casket spray choose standing sprays or easel arrangements.

Types of Casket Sprays

Depending on the way the casket is arranged, whether it is a closed casket or an open casket service, the style of sprays the family can choose will vary. The types of casket sprays can be classified as follow.

Inside Casket Spray

When there is an open casket, family members can choose a casket spray to be placed inside the casket, sometimes referred to as a casket insert. This flower arrangement is often set in the lid of the casket and is usually provided by the children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents of the deceased. Some families choose shaped floral arrangements, including heart shapes, flower pillows, casket posies, hinge sprays, floral rosary arrangements, and garlands.

Couch Casket Spray

When there is a closed casket service, family members can choose a couch casket spray. This floral arrangement is placed in the middle of the casket. It is large enough almost to cover the length of the casket.

Half-Couch Casket Spray

Sometimes, families choose to have a half-opened casket service. This means only the top half of the casket is opened so friends and family can see the face of their loved one during the funeral service. Half-couch casket spray is placed at the middle-to-bottom section of the casket. Some families choose to accompany a half-couch casket spray with another casket insert.

Types of Casket Sprays

Ordering a Casket Spray for a Loved One’s Funeral

When ordering a casket spray for a loved one’s funeral, contact a local florist and express your wishes. It would be best for the florist to work directly with the funeral home to ensure that delivery is timely. Also, talking with the funeral director as you are making the arrangements will help you ensure that your casket spray is the right choice for your budget.

It is important to remember that a casket spray arrangement takes time to design. You should order the casket spray in advance of the funeral. This gives the florist plenty of time to create and provide you a majestic flower arrangement that will honor the departed and bring grace to the funeral or memorial service.

If you need assistance with ordering a casket spray to honor your loved one, contact our caring funeral specialists to choose a fitting casket spray.

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