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Why Have a Public Viewing?

Public Viewings

Whether or not to have a public viewing after a loved one dies can be a difficult decision to make when you are planning a funeral. It’s tough to decide for or against because it’s a very heavy moment, and many people might pressure you one way or another.

Before we get into a few different reasons of why you should have a public viewing, it’s important to understand that a public viewing is a purely personal choice. You are under no obligation to have a public viewing for a group of friends or relatives, and can certainty choose to have a small service instead. Although, the spouse or person organizing the service should consider the opinions of the surviving family before making a final decision.

It’s not always appropriate to have a public viewing, though, especially if the body underwent some trauma or if the deceased lost considerable weight after sickness and the family doesn’t want their friends to remember this version of the person.

3 Reasons It’s Important To Have a Public Viewing

While it’s not a necessity, there are a few reasons why having a public viewing is something to strongly consider.

1. Tradition

Whether the tradition of having a public viewing is cultural or religious in nature, some people might hurt by the fact that there isn’t a public viewing. While the decision is still up to the family, they should understand that it may upset some of their loved ones.

2. Helping Young Ones Understand Death

With young ones who might not have ever experienced loss in their short lives, a public viewing can become a teachable moment to help children understand the seriousness of death. If a public viewing is occurring, talking with your kids before the funeral is necessary, as you don’t want to traumatize them by not explaining exactly what they’re going to see before it happens.

3. To Provide Closure

Some family members and friends might have a difficult time moving on emotionally after a death unless they get an opportunity to say goodbye to their physical presence. Getting a visual confirmation that their loved one is gone gives them a sense of closure.

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