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Families and friends are spread all over the world these days, but when a loved one dies, friends from afar don’t always get the same chance to attend a memorial service or funeral for a friend, so an online memorial service has become a common option.

7 Simple Steps for Hosting an Online Memorial Service

There are several different types of online memorial services, but here are some simple steps to creating one for your loved one.

1. Decide Where to Host the Online Memorial

There are many sites that host memorial services, including social media sites you are already familiar with, like Facebook. Where you should create the tribute depends on what you’d like to do and how big the project is going to be. Most people choose to notify Facebook of a user’s death, and turn their timeline into a memorial page. There’s also a Facebook application called Evertalk, which allows you to upload photos and more information, including a way to ask for donations for medical or funeral costs. and are also sites worth considering.

2. Write Some Text as a Tribute

Just like you would for a traditional funeral and obituary, gather all the relevant data about the person, and post it on the site. Consider posting a thoughtful poem or a favorite story about your friend that helps serve as a eulogy and a beginning to the memorial site.

3. Post Images and Videos 

Post pictures of family members and friends with your lost loved one through the years. If you have videos you can upload, consider sharing those as well. You might be able to go through their social media posts and pull out some great quotes that they’ve made through the years to post, also.

4. Make the Memorial Interactive

One important feature is to make sure others can post their own stories, pictures and videos, too. This allows the site to become a true online memorial service that shows a bigger picture of how the person affected others in the world.

5. Invite Loved Ones and Friends

Get the message out there to your family members and friends and try to reach out to the friends of the deceased to let them know about the site, so they can interact with it and help build it. Ask them to post their memories and pictures, too.

6. Share Your Online Memorial Service

Post links to your memorial on your social media pages and ask others to do the same. It’s quite possible that there are people your loved one affected that you didn’t even know, who might see the link and visit.

7. Ask How You Can Improve It

Talk with people to see if there are ways you can improve the site or if there are things you can change to make it better represent your friend. Getting feedback is a great way to truly make this an online service that everyone can enjoy.

The Gardens of Boca Raton Cemetery & Funeral Services holds funerals in the South Florida area and has been a landmark in the community for years. If you need help with an online memorial service for a South Florida funeral, talk with the people at The Gardens at (561) 989-9190.

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